Futurlogic is an advanced creative think tank and business development - branding studio, deeply committed to exploring the following disciplines:

Future of Luxury

Future of Branding

Future of Education

Future of Entrepreneurship

Future of Media

We develop large "future-logical" market opportunities by combining relentless curiosity with pattern recognition, global perspective, genuine empathy / consumer insight, idea synthesis skills, multicultural understanding, and branding and communications excellence.

Recent Projects:

Developing global, cultural immersion experiences in alliance with the Four Seasons Private Jet Program
Futurlogic / Legend Experience

Partnership with each of the luxury supercar manufacturers to build deeper emotional connection with their customers

Created the first cobranded masters degree in social media and mobile marketing, with an accredited business school and a leading ad agency

Brand and experience / curriculum development for Silicon Valley legend Tim Draper

Developed an innovative online entrepreneurship program, optimized for the iPad.

Designed a futuristic home living experience and branding for a large real estate developer

Developing a luxury content / experience, branded penthouse

Advising a number of luxury brands about the future of experience marketing